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DMC Teams Up WIth Pauley Perrette


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NCIS star Pauley Perrette collaborated with rap legend DMC on a new music video, Attention Please, that both musicians said turned out amazing and the project will also generate funding for their favorite charities.

Perrette told The Insider's Kevin Frazier that she couldn't wait to work with DMC -- whose real name is Darryl McDaniels. Likewise, the founding member of the three-person Run DMC said he was impressed with Pauley's talent and joked that he was afraid he might ruin the music.

Darryl explained a difficult period in his life when he hit rock bottom due to personal problems and the shooting death of fellow Run DMC member Jason "Jam-Master Jay" Mizell. "It was the worst point in my life at 35. I was an alcoholic and a suicidal, metaphysical, spiritual wreck."

At this point in his life Darryl said he also learned while gathering information for a book that he was a foster child. He said he has since met his birth mother and maintains a relationship with her and reveals that that experience made him even more passionate about his charitable causes.

Proceeds from the musical collaboration will benefit the NOH8 campaign against California's ban on same-sex marriage --  one of Pauley's chief causes -- as well as Darryl's Camp Felix Foundation that assists foster kids. Watch the video to hear more and to get a glimpse of the duo's music video for Attention Please!


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